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Bose-Einstein Condensation

Trento, Italy


Alberto Biella has been awarded with the Early Career Award of the ILAMP 2021 Here.

Quantum torque paper is on the cover of December issue of Nature Physics Here.

Our paper "Roadmap to Atomtronics" is on the cover of AVS Quantum Here.

Arriva il PAT7. Accordo INO-Provincia Here.

Q@TN results and future are on "L'Adige" newspaper! Here.

Arko Roy as been awarded as Outstanding reviewer of the year 2020 for J. Phys. A. Here.

The article Observation of gauge invariance in a 71-site Bose-Hubbard quantum simulator , by B. Yang et al., has been published in Nature 587, 392 (2020)

IUPAP Prize 2020
Philip Hauke is Highly Commended for the IOP International Quantum Technology Young Scientist Award

IUPAP Prize 2020
IUPAP Young Scientist Prize 2020
Philipp Hauke received the IUPAP Young Scientist Prize in Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 2020 for his outstanding contributions to the development of quantum technologies.
See also this article

Lev Pitaevskii got the Lars Onsager Prize for Statistical Physics from the American Physical Society

The article A scalable realization of local U(1) gauge invariance in cold atomic mixtures, by A.Mil et al., has been published in Science 367, 1128 (2020)

Nature Physics
The review article Photonic materials in circuit quantum electrodynamics by Carusotto et al., has been published in Nature Physics (2020)

Magnetic solitons observed in Trento
The article Observation of Magnetic Solitons in Two-Component Bose-Einstein Condensates, by Farolfi et al., has been featured in the online journal Physics with a Synopsis. The paper has been also selected by PRL as Editors' Suggestions.

Sandro Stringari is Emeritus
Sandro Stringari has been nominated Emeritus Professor of the University of Trento (see also this interview in occasion of his retirement)

Supersolidity 2020
Interdisciplinary Workshop on Supersolidity
Trento, date to be defined, website