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Pitaevskii Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation

Trento, Italy

Works with us @ BEC

Are you searching for an inspiring enviroment where to complete your master or PhD studies or to share your enthusiasm within a post doctoral experience?

Contact us to have more information about available positions and projects.

Master Thesis

Here are a list of selectect topics for possible master thesis.
Experiment: "Ultracold quantum mixtures for spintronics applications" (Lamporesi, Zenesini)
Theory: "Theory of quantum nanoscale systems: from superconducting qubits to levitated quantum microparticles" (Rastelli)
Theory: "Strongly correlated states of matter in quantum fluids of light" (Carusotto)
Theory: "Superfluidity of ultracold atomic gases in non-Euclidean geometries" (Carusotto)
Theory: "Quantum optics in curved space-times around black holes" (Carusotto)
Theory: "Quantum optics of microwaves in superconducting devices" (Carusotto)
Theory: "Supersolid phase in ultra-cold gases" (Recati)
Theory: "Implementing the spin Josephson effect in cold gases" (Recati)
Theory: "False vacuum decay and bubble formation in cold gases" (Recati)
Theory: "Polaron problem in Bose and Fermi gases" (Recati)
Theory: "The quantum Zeno effect in open quantum systems" (Biella)
Theory: "Measurement-induced entanglement transitions in quantum spin chains" (Biella)
Theory: "Merging tensor networks and quantum trajectories to simulate open quantum systems" (Biella)
Theory: "Dissipative phase transitions in nonlinear Kerr resonators" (Biella)


We are currently looking for a post-doc for our experimental activities Here more infoes

Doctoral Programme

The BEC Center offers projects for PhD Theses in the framework of the Doctoral Programme of the Department of Physics.

A list of recent PhD theses completed in our group are available in the publication page.

The Pitaevskii Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation (Pitaevskii BEC Center) is a joint initiative of Istituto Nazionale di Ottica, CNR & Dipartimento di Fisica, Università di Trento