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Pitaevskii Center on Bose-Einstein Condensation

Trento, Italy

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Articles published in Reviews of Modern Physics

Topological Photonics
T.Ozawa, H.M. Price, A.Amo, N.Goldman, M.Hafezi, Ling Lu, M.Rechtsman, D.Schuster, J.Simon, O.Zilberberg, I.Carusotto,
arXiv:1802.04173, Rev. Mod. Phys. 91, 015006 (2019)

Quantum fluids of light
Iacopo Carusotto and Cristiano Ciuti,
arXiv:1205.6500, Rev. Mod. Phys. 85, 299 (2013)

Theory of ultracold atomic Fermi gases
S.Giorgini, L.Pitaevskii, and S.Stringari,
Rev. Mod. Phys, 80, 1215 (2008)

Theory of Bose-Einstein condensation in trapped gases
F.Dalfovo, S.Giorgini, L.Pitaevskii, and S.Stringari,
Rev. Mod. Phys. 71, 463 (1999)


Other review articles

Nature Physics Photonic materials in circuit quantum electrodynamics
I.Carusotto, A.A.Houck, A.J.Kollar, P.Roushan, D.I.Schuster and J.Simon,
Nature Physics (2020)


Perspectives of quantum annealing: Methods and implementations
P.Hauke, H.G.Katzgraber, W. Lechner, H.Nishimori, W.D. Oliver, arxiv:1903.06559, Rep. Progr. Phys. 83, 5 (2020)

Can one trust quantum simulators?
Philipp Hauke, Fernando M Cucchietti, Luca Tagliacozzo, Ivan Deutsch and Maciej Lewenstein
arXiv:1109.6457, Reports on Progress in Physics 75(8), 082401 (2012)

The physics of dipolar bosonic quantum gases
T. Lahaye, C. Menotti, L. Santos, M. Lewenstein, T. Pfau,
arXiv:0905.0386, Rep. Progr. Phys. 72, 126401 (2009)

Phenomenology and Microscopic Theory: Theoretical Foundations
in "Superconductivity: Conventional and Unconventional Superconductors"
edited by K.H. Bennemann and John B. Ketterson
(Springer, 2008)

Optical Lattices: Theory
A. Smerzi, A. Trombettoni,
arXiv:0801.4909, in "Emergent Nonlinear Phenomena in Bose-Einstein Condensates: Theory and Experiment"
edited by P. G. Kevrekidis, D. J. Frantzeskakis, and R. Carretero-Gonzalez
(Springer Series on Atomic, Optical, and Plasma Physics, 2007), p. 247-265

Bose-Einstein condensates
F. Dalfovo, L.P. Pitaevskii and S. Stringari,
(text), Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics
(Elsevier, 2006), Vol.1, p.312
  • Ultra-cold dipolar gases
    Chiara Menotti, Maciej Lewenstein,
    arXiv:0711.3406, Proceedings of the RPMBT14, Barcelona, 2007; Series on Advances in Quantum Many-Body Theory, World Scientific
  • Dipolar interaction in ultra-cold atomic gases
    C. Menotti, M. Lewenstein, T. Lahaye, T. Pfau,
    arXiv:0711.3422, Proceedings of "Dynamics and Thermodynamics of Systems with Long Range Interactions", Assisi, 2007; AIP Conference Proceedings
  • Dynamics and superfluidity of an ultracold Fermi gas
    Sandro Stringari,
  • Density Matrix Renormalization Group for Dummies
    G. De Chiara, M. Rizzi, D. Rossini and S. Montangero,
    cond-mat/0603842, (open source version of the code)
  • Bose-Einstein condensation in ultracold atomic gases,
    S. Stringari,
    Phys. Lett. A 347, 150 (2005), Einstein Special Issue - Edited by P. Holland
  • Quantum information processing and communication - Strategic report on current status, visions and goals for research in Europe
    Zoller P, Beth T, Binosi D, et al.,
    Eur. Phys. J. D 36, 203 (2005)
  • Helium nanodroplets and trapped Bose-Einstein condensates as prototypes of finite quantum fluids
    F. Dalfovo and S. Stringari,
    cond-mat:0107027, J. Chem. Phys. 115, 10078 (2001)
  • Bose-Einstein condensation and superfluidity in trapped atomic gases
    S. Stringari,
    Lecture notes for the Cargese summer School, C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, t.2, Série IV, 381 (2001), Abstract and text
  • Dynamics of trapped Bose-condensed gases in mean-field theory
    F. Dalfovo,
    Proceedings of the Int. School E. Fermi, Course CXL, Varenna, IOS Press, Amsterdam 1999, p. 555