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Bose-Einstein Condensation

Trento, Italy

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  1. Measurable fractional spin for quantum Hall quasiparticles on the disk
    Comparin, Tommaso; Opler, Alvin; Macaluso, Elia; Biella, Alberto; Polychronakos, Alexios P.; Mazza, Leonardo
    Physical Review B 105 085125 (2022) arxiv.2112.02901.
  2. The eightfold way to dark states in SU(3) cold gases with two-body losses
    Rosso, Lorenzo; Mazza, Leonardo; Biella, Alberto
  3. The one-dimensional Bose gas with strong two-body losses: the effect of the harmonic confinement
    Rosso, Lorenzo; Biella, Alberto; Mazza, Leonardo
    Scipost Physics 12 044 (2022) arxiv.2106.08092.


  1. One-dimensional spin-1/2 fermionic gases with two-body losses: Weak dissipation and spin conservation
    Rosso, Lorenzo; Rossini, Davide; Biella, Alberto; Mazza, Leonardo
    Physical Review A 104 053305 (2021) arxiv.2104.07929.
  2. Many-Body Quantum Zeno Effect and Measurement-Induced Subradiance Transition
    Biella, Alberto; Schiró, Marco
    Quantum 5 528 (2021) arxiv.2011.11620.
  3. Measurement-induced entanglement transitions in the quantum Ising chain: From infinite to zero clicks
    Turkeshi, Xhek; Biella, Alberto; Fazio, Rosario; Dalmonte, Marcello; Schiró, Marco
    Physical Review B 103 224210 (2021) arxiv.2103.09138.


  1. Stabilizing strongly correlated photon fluids with non-Markovian reservoirs
    Lebreuilly, José; Biella, Alberto; Storme, Florent; Rossini, Davide; Fazio, Rosario; Ciuti, Cristiano; Carusotto, Iacopo
    Physical Review A 96 033828 (2017) arxiv.1704.01106.
  2. Phase diagram of incoherently driven strongly correlated photonic lattices
    Biella, Alberto; Storme, Florent; Lebreuilly, José; Rossini, Davide; Fazio, Rosario; Carusotto, Iacopo; Ciuti, Cristiano
    Physical Review A 96 023839 (2017) arxiv.1704.08978.


  1. Photon transport in a dissipative chain of nonlinear cavities
    Biella, Alberto; Mazza, Leonardo; Carusotto, Iacopo; Rossini, Davide; Fazio, Rosario
    Physical Review A 91 053815 (2015) arxiv.1412.2509.