Workshop on Quantum Mixtures

and celebration of the 70th anniversary of Sandro Stringari

Trento, Italy, 15-17 July 2019

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Thank you (and photos)

The workshop is over. We thank all participants for contributing to the success of the meeting. A list of registered participants is available here. These are a few photos that you can download:


The workshop aims at providing an overview of the most recent results on multicomponent quantum gases, impurities and polarons, quantum droplets, and related areas.


Georg Bruun, Thomas Busch, Frédéric Chevy, Cheng Chin, Jean Dalibard, Marcello Dalmonte, Eugene Demler, Peter Engels, Marco Fattori, Francesca Ferlaino, Gabriele Ferrari, Alexander L. Fetter, Rudolf Grimm, Christian Gross, Zoran Hadzibabic, Massimo Inguscio, Maciej Lewenstein, Giovanni Modugno, Markus Oberthaler, Dmitry Petrov, Florian Schaefer, Leticia Tarruell, Joseph Thywissen, Masahito Ueda, Christopher Vale, Matteo Zaccanti, Hui Zhai, Shizhong Zhang, Martin Zwierlein.


Organizing committee: Franco Dalfovo, Stefano Giorgini, Alessio Recati, Christophe Salomon, Tin-Lun Ho

Local organization: CNR-INO BEC Center and Department of Physics, University of Trento


On Monday 15 the Workshop will be held at the Fondazione Bruno Kessler in Povo. On Tuesday 16 and Wednesday 17 it will take place at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento, which is situated in the historic center of the town, at walking distance from most of the hotels and restaurants. The entrance for the participants of the workshop is in via Antonio Rosmini 27. A registration desk will be present in the Foyer next to the main entrance. The seminar room is "Aula 2" (lecture room n.2), first floor, on the left of the Foyer.
The social dinner will be take place at the Museum of Science (MUSE), at walking distance (10 min) from the site of the workshop. The dinner is free for registered participants. The cost for accompanying persons is 40 euro.


MONDAY 15 JULY - in Sala Stringa, FBK, Polo Scientifico, Povo

8.40-9.00 Christophe Salomon: Welcome and opening

Session I: Polarons and mixtures (chair: Christophe Salomon)
9.00-9.30 Martin Zwierlein: Bose and Fermi polarons near quantum criticality
9.30-10.00 Frédéric Chevy: The 2N+1 body problem, an impurity immersed in a spin 1/2 fermionic superfluid
10.00-10.30 Cheng Chin: Fermion-mediated interactions between bosonic atoms

coffee break

Session II: Dynamics, quenches and transport (chair: Nick Proukakis)
11.00-11.30 Joseph Thywissen: Sum rules in the transport dynamics of interacting fermions
11.30-12.00 Thomas Busch: Quench dynamics and orthogonality catastrophe in strongly correlated multi-component gases
12.00-12.30 Masahito Ueda: Coarsening dynamics of spinor mixtures


Session III: Quantum droplets and supersolids (chair: Luis Santos)
14.30-15.00 Giovanni Modugno: Supersolid behavior of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate
15.00-15.30 Francesca Ferlaino: Long-lived hallmarks of supersolidity in dipolar quantum gases
15.30-16.00 Leticia Tarruell: Solitons and droplets in two-component Bose gases
16.00-16.30 Marco Fattori: Collisions of self bound quantum droplets

coffee break

17.00-18.30 Poster session (this session is moved to Tuesday and Wednesday)

TUESDAY 16 JULY - Faculty of Law, University of Trento

Session IV: Mixtures (chair: Francesco Minardi)
9.00-9.30 Rudolf Grimm: Fermionic quantum mixtures of Dy and K
9.30-10.00 Peter Engels: Coupled two-component mixtures: from engineered dispersions to novel phases of matter
10.00-10.30 Florian Schaefer: 7Li-Yb mixture in mixed dimensions

coffee break and posters

Session V: Machine learning and quantum simulations (chair: Wilhelm Zwerger)
11.00-11.30 Hui Zhai: Machine learning and cold atom physics
11.30-12.00 Marcello Dalmonte: SO(3) gauge theories and nuclear physics effects in bosonic mixtures
12.00-12.30 Eugene Demler: New perspectives on quantum matter: bringing together quantum simulations and machine learning

lunch and posters

Session VI: Vortices (chair: Jook Walraven)
14.30-15.00 Alexander L. Fetter: Vortex dynamics in coherently coupled condensates
15.00-15.30 Gabriele Ferrari: Vortex dynamics in polarized and in resonantly-coupled spinor condensates

coffee break and posters

Special session (chair: Franco Dalfovo)
16.00-16.30 Jean Dalibard: Sounds and Breathers in Flatland
16.30-17.00 Massimo Inguscio: Interactions with Sandro: not only mixtures of atoms
17.00-17.30 Sandro Stringari: A personal recollection

19.30-23.00 Social dinner at the Museum of Science

WEDNESDAY 17 JULY - Faculty of Law, University of Trento

Session VII: Fermions (chair: Giancarlo Strinati)
9.00-9.30 Chris Vale: Excitations in strongly interacting Fermi gases
9.30-10.00 Matteo Zaccanti: Competing instabilities in repulsive Fermi mixtures: complexity of the simplest kind?
10.00-10.30 Shizhong Zhang: p-wave Fermi gas and its Fermi liquid descriptions

coffee break and posters

Session VIII: From three to many body (chair: Markus Holzmann)
11.00-11.30 Dmitry Petrov: Three-body interaction near two-body zero crossing
11.30-12.00 Georg Bruun: Induced interactions, pairing and topology with polarons
12.00-12.30 Christian Gross: Imaging magnetic polarons in doped Fermi-Hubbard systems


Session IX: Strong interactions, universality, ... and closing (chair: Jason Ho)
14.30-15.00 Zoran Hadzibabic: Strongly interacting Bose gases
15.00-15.30 Markus Oberthaler: Spinor Bose gases and universal dynamics
15.30-16.00 Maciej Lewenstein: Fermi-Bose mixtures: past, present, and future
16.00-16.20 Jason Ho: Closing remarks


  1. Giulia De Rosi: Thermodynamics of a one-dimensional Bose gas with repulsive contact interactions
  2. Anna Minguzzi: Angular momentum fractionalization: quantum-many body enhancement of sensitivity for ultracold bosons on a ring
  3. Andrea Tononi: Condensation in 2D: from nonuniversal effects to bubble traps
  4. Jacopo Catani / Lorenzo Livi: Controlled Symmetry Breaking in Multi-Orbital SU(N) Lattice Fermi Gases
  5. Gianluca Bertaina: Critical Clustering Behavior of One-Dimensional Soft Particles in the Continuum
  6. Andrea Perali: Critical temperature, pairing fluctuations and BCS-BEC crossover in a two-band Fermi gas
  7. Meng Khoon Tey: Deterministic generation of spin-1/2 and spin-1 balanced Dicke states using quantum phase transition for beyond-classical-limit measurement
  8. Viktor Cikojević: DFT beyond MF+LHY for quantum droplets
  9. Nicolas Pavloff: Dispersive hydrodynamics and spin shock waves in two components BECs
  10. Giovanni Martone: Drag force and superfluidity in the supersolid stripe phase of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate
  11. Nikolaos Proukakis: Dynamical phase separation, thermalisation and expansion of binary quantum gases
  12. David Papoular: Evaporative cooling of a Rydberg atom chain to near its ground state
  13. Luis Peña Ardila: From polarons to bipolarons in Bose-Einstein condensates
  14. Marek Tylutki: Imbalanced Superfluid Fermi Gas in a Lieb Lattice
  15. Sebastiano Pilati: Localization phenomena in interacting Fermi gases with quasi-periodic potentials
  16. Giacomo Roati: Manipulating fermionic superfluids with arbitrary optical potentials
  17. Sandro Wimberger: Momentum-Space Quantum Walk of a Spinor Bose-Einstein Condensate
  18. Giuliano Orso: Pairing of fermionic impurities in a one-dimensional strongly correlated Bose gas
  19. Shunji Tsuchiya: Perfect transmission of Higgs modes via anti-bound states
  20. Andrea Richaud: Phase separation can be stronger than chaos
  21. Luca Salasnich: Quantum Bose-Bose Droplets with Spin-Orbit and Rabi Couplings
  22. Michele Modugno: Quantum droplets in a heteronuclear Bose mixture
  23. Mehmet Oktel: Temperature dependent dynamics of ultracold droplets
  24. Roberta Citro: The excitation spectrum and stripes instabilities of a dipolar Bose gas
  25. Grazia Salerno: The quantized Hall conductance of a single atomic wire: A proposal based on synthetic dimensions
  26. Tomoki Ozawa: Ultracold Bose gases with Rashba spin-orbit coupling
  27. Miki Ota: Magnetic phase transition in a mixture of two interacting superfluid Bose gases at finite temperature
  28. Santo Maria Roccuzzo: Supersolid symmetry breaking from compressional oscillations in a dipolar quantum gas
  29. Luca Parisi: Quantum droplets in one-dimensional Bose mixtures : a Quantum Monte-Carlo study
  30. Oliver Morsch: Individual and ensemble lifetimes of high-lying Rydberg states
  31. Ferran Mazzanti: Droplet formation of dipolar Dy atoms
  32. Raúl Bombin: BKT transition and stripe phases of a 2D dipolar gas
  33. Marilù Chiofalo: Many-Body Entanglement in Short-Range Interacting Fermi Gases for Metrology
  34. Gregory Astrakharchik: Ultradilute one-dimensional droplets

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and we thank the Faculty of Law and FBK for hospitality


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