Workshop on Ultracold Fermi Gases

Levico (Trento - Italy), 4-6 March 2004

Organizers: R. Combescot, C. Salomon and S. Stringari

The field of ultracold Fermi gases is in a rapidly evolving phase. First, more and more experimental groups are entering this domain and second, we witness a growing convergence between fundamental problems in condensed matter physics and quantum optics. Hence it seems like quite a good time to have a workshop specifically devoted to this field, covering at the same time experimental and theoretical aspects of trapped Fermi gases.

Topics will include:

  • Fermi superfluidity
  • Feshbach resonances
  • BEC-BCS crossover
  • molecular formation
  • collisional processes
  • Fermi-Bose mixtures
  • Fermi gases in optical lattices
  • superfluid vs. Mott insulator transition

Local organization:

S. Stringari and L. Viverit


D. Zecca

Istituto Nazionale
per la Fisica della Materia

Dipartimento di Fisica
Universita' degli Studi di Trento

European Science

Centre National
de la Recherche Scientifique
(CNRS - France)

Délégation Général pour l'Armement
(DGA - France)

For further information please contact Daniela Zecca at the following address: bec-infm@science.unitn.it.

The logo picture was provided by C. Salomon.

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