Levico BEC2003

Theory of Quantum Gases
and Quantum Coherence

Second International Workshop
Levico (Trento, Italy), 12-14 June 2003


The workshop is dedicated to the theoretical aspects in the fields of Bose-Einstein condensation, degenerate Fermi gases and coherence properties in quantum many-body systems.

In this conference the speakers and the participants will be (mainly) young researchers from Europe and overseas. There will be also some overview lectures delivered by leading Senior Scientists in the above fields.

contact address levico03@science.unitn.it

Previous edition was in Salerno 2001.

ESF - European
Science Foundation

Istituto Nazionale
per la Fisica della Materia

Dipartimento di Fisica
Universita' degli Studi di Trento

For further information please contact levico03@science.unitn.it, or one of the organizers:
Stefano Giorgini, Fabrizio Illuminati, Chiara Menotti, Anna Minguzzi.

Top pictures taken from M. Greiner et al., Nature 415, 39 (2002)

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