Workshop on Quantum Mixtures

and celebration of the 70th anniversary of Sandro Stringari

Trento, Italy, 15-17 July 2019


The workshop aims at providing an overview of the most recent results on multicomponent quantum gases, impurities and polarons, quantum droplets, and related areas.


Georg Bruun: Induced interactions, pairing and topology with polarons
Thomas Busch: Quench dynamics and orthogonality catastrophe in strongly correlated multi-component gases
Frédéric Chevy: The 2N+1 body problem, an impurity immersed in a spin 1/2 fermionic superfluid
Cheng Chin: Fermion-mediated interactions between bosonic atoms
Jean Dalibard: Sounds and Breathers in Flatland
Marcello Dalmonte: SO(3) gauge theories and nuclear physics effects in bosonic mixtures
Eugene Demler: New perspectives on quantum matter: bringing together quantum simulations and machine learning
Peter Engels: Coupled two-component mixtures: from engineered dispersions to novel phases of matter
Marco Fattori: Collisions of self bound quantum droplets
Francesca Ferlaino: Long-lived hallmarks of supersolidity in dipolar quantum gases
Gabriele Ferrari: Vortex dynamics in polarized and in resonantly-coupled spinor BECs
Alexander L. Fetter: Vortex dynamics in coherently coupled BECs
Rudolf Grimm: Fermionic quantum mixtures of Dy and K
Christian Gross: Imaging magnetic polarons in doped Fermi-Hubbard systems
Zoran Hadzibabic: Strongly interacting Bose gases
Massimo Inguscio: TBA
Maciej Lewenstein: Fermi-Bose mixtures: past, present, and future
Giovanni Modugno: Supersolid behavior of a dipolar Bose-Einstein condensate
Markus Oberthaler: Spinor Bose gases and universal dynamics
Dmitry Petrov: Three-body interaction near two-body zero crossing
Florian Schaefer: 7Li-Yb mixture in mixed dimensions
Ian B. Spielman: TBA
Leticia Tarruell: Solitons and droplets in two-component Bose gases
Joseph Thywissen: Sum rules in the transport dynamics of interacting fermions
Masahito Ueda: Coarsening dynamics of spinor mixtures
Christopher Vale: Excitations in strongly interacting Fermi gases
Matteo Zaccanti: Competing instabilities in repulsive Fermi mixtures: complexity of the simplest kind?
Hui Zhai: Machine learning and cold atom physics
Shizhong Zhang: p-wave Fermi gas and its Fermi liquid descriptions
Martin Zwierlein: Bose and Fermi polarons near quantum criticality


Franco Dalfovo, Stefano Giorgini, Alessio Recati, Christophe Salomon, Tin-Lun Ho


The workshop will be held at the Faculty of Law of the University of Trento, which is situated in the historic center of the town, at walking distance from most of the hotels and restaurants. The entrance for the participants of the workshop is in via Antonio Rosmini 27.


A registration form has been already distributed to a wide list of potential participants. Deadline for registration is May 31. If you have not received the registration form and you are willing to participate, please contact us by writing to


About 25 talks in 6 sessions, starting in the morning of Monday 15 July, ending in the afternoon of Wednesday 17 July. A special session devoted to recollections of Sandro Stringari's achievements will take place in the late afternoon of Tuesday 16 July, followed by the social dinner at the Museum of Science (MUSE).

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